• Excellent working knowledge of many commonly-used Content Management Systems including installation, upgrading, researching and installing plug-ins, creating templates, maintaining content, and training many different skill levels on how to use them.
  • Extensive experience using social media such as Facebook and Twitter for public relations and integrating those technologies with a website to connect with clients.
  • Strong time management skills and very self-motivated as demonstrated by starting and maintaining a successful small business for over 14 years as well as actively participating on several boards for community organizations.
  • Good ability to work with clients established while running a business which involves significant technical support.
  • Great ability to work well within a group as evidenced by particpation on several boards/committees for community organizations.
  • Superb ability to quickly learn and apply highly technical concepts and applications including obtaining a PhD in Electronic Engineering and the many self taught skills obtained in the past 14 years including all web design related skills and knowledge.


Doctorate: University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; 1991-1998
PhD in the Electronic Engineering Dept.
Research Topic: Neural Networks For Speech Recognition
Supervisor: Dr. R. N. Gorgui-Naguib

Master’s Degree: University Of Strathclyde; Glasgow, Scotland; 1990-1991
Master Of Science in Bioengineering
Studied the use of Engineering techniques in medical applications. Carried out a 6 month project investigating the use of artificial intelligence techniques in a system to monitor all stages of human birth.

Bachelor’s Degree:
University Of Strathclyde; Glasgow, Scotland; 1986-1990
Bachelor Of Engineering with Honors in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Studied the basic principles of electronic and electrical engineering specializing in signal processing, digital communications and software engineering.

High School: Our Lady’s High School; Cumbernauld, Scotland; 1981-1986
Courses emphasized mathematics and the sciences


10/08-present: Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia
Responsible for coordinating the migration of second tier University websites to the Red Dot (now Open Text) Content Management System. This process includes educating departments about Red Dot, migrating the content into Red Dot, training the staff and faculty who will be maintaining the website, and providing support. Responsible for coordinating social media efforts for the university including maintaining the Twitter account, setting up and maintaining the Facebook fan page, keeping tracking of other social media efforts on campus, and monitoring for social media activity of relevance to Longwood University.

12/94-09/13: MoonStar bbs, Farmville, Virginia
Co-owner of MoonStar, an internet service provider for Farmville and the surrounding area. Responsible for many duties including technical support, billing, finances, script coding and web page design and coding. Primary role is web design working mostly with local clients. A few clients are from other states or countries with communication usually taking place via email and instant messages throughout the project. Design both static and dynamic sites with more focus on dynamic sites in the past several years. Many of the jobs in the past couple of of years have involved upgrading existing websites to use a CMS and then teaching the client how to use the CMS to maintain their own website. Please visit the Portfolio page for a full portfolio of web design work.

08/99-12/99: Longwood University, Farmville (then Longwood College)
Taught a Calculus course aimed at students in Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences. Created a website for the class using the pages as slides to teach in class and then making them available online for students to access.

10/95-10/97: Belk of Virginia, Longwood Village Shopping Center, Farmville, USA
Worked in the office performing several different duties including Sales Audit, Merchandise Information Processing, Register Training and Bridal Registrar. Previous to taking on these duties I worked on the floor as a sales associate for seven months.

10/92-05/94: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Worked in the labs helping students with any difficulties they experienced and with tutorials for the Electronic Engineering Dept. and the Math Dept.

05/89-09/89: Racal Defense Systems (Radar) Ltd., Walton-On Thymes, Surrey, England
Involved with the following projects; adding data to a component database, testing a radar system monitor unit, creating a database to store information about printed circuit boards, checking interconnection diagrams and making any required corrections, drawing a printed circuit board block diagram for the design engineer and designing a logic cell array from design specifications and block diagrams.

04/86-12/88: Boots The Chemist, Coatbridge, Scotland
Worked as a sales assistant on Saturdays and during vacations and was required to carry out various duties including working on the cash registers, working on the pharmacy counter, photographic counter and perfume counters, filling shelves and other miscellaneous duties as the need arose.


01/00-Present: Waterworks Players, Farmville, Virginia
Webmaster for the Waterworks Players Community Theater website. Over the years the site has been taken from a static html site to a CMS driven site with galleries of all shows, events calendar, regularly updated news, and a email newsletter. Currently working on a project to implement a better ticketing system that can be used on the website and at the theater box office. Since January 2005 I have also been a member of the Board. The website address is

05/98-Present: Heart of Virginia Festival, Farmville, Virginia
Member of the board performing several roles over the years including Secretary, sponsorship co-ordinator, publicity and working on a sub-committee to revise the bye-laws. Webmaster of the festival website for the entire period. Site started out as a static html site redone every year. In the past several years it has been migrated to a CMS back-end and board members are taught how to maintain their own section of the website. The site also offers galleries of each year’s festival, a newsletter which visitors can subscribe to via the website and all application forms and guidelines are available through the website only. Previously applications and guidelines were mailed to potential participants. Now a postcard is mailed inviting potential participants to visit the website. Currently working on a project to offer better incentives for sponsors through the website and teach more board members to update their section of the website. The website address is

04/04-Present: Meals on Wheels, Farmville, Virginia
Driver for Meals on Wheels. Recently taken on a project to migrate the current static html website to a CMS so that the directors can make updates themselves and make the site more dynamic with news via a blog. The new site is not yet online.

December 1990: Frederick Oznam Centre, Glasgow
Center for homeless men to obtain food and clothing. Worked as a volunteer assisting during distribution times.

March 1992-May1994: Volunteer worker for The Samaritans of Tyneside
A national organization in Britain which provides a listening ear for the suicidal and despairing. Worked as a phone counselor.


Machines: Linux, Apple Macintosh (OS 7/8/9/X), PC(Linux, MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/XP/VISTA),

Software: Joomla, WordPress, Zen Cart, Phplist, Gallery, Mambo, various internet utilities (ftp, telnet, web browser), MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, BBEdit, Gimp, KoolWizard (For Flash), Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, RedDot/Open Text.

Languages: CSS, HTML/XHTML, PHP, Perl, and Javascript.


During 1998/99 I attended the Leadership Farmville class held by The Chamber Of Commerce. This class included sessions on economic development, education, criminal justice, leadership skills, communication skills, and the operations of relevant local, state and federal government agencies.


(N.B. Maiden Creaney on some publications)
Conference Publications:

Creaney, M. J., and Gorgui-Naguib, R. N., “A Scaly Neural Network Architecture For Isolated Word Recognition Using The British Telecommunications English Alphabet Database”, Proc. Of The IEEE Int. Conf. On Neural Networks, ICNN ‘93, vol. III, pp. 1644-1649, San Francisco, 1993.

Creaney, M. J., and Gorgui-Naguib, R. N. , “A Scaly Artificial Neural Network Architecture For Speaker Independent Isolated Word Recognition Using Non-Linear Time Alignment”, Proc. Of The IEEE Int. Conf. On Neural Networks , ICNN ‘94, vol. VII, pp. 4431-4436, Orlando, 1994.

University Thesis:

Creaney-Stockton, M. J., Isolated Word Recognition Using Reduced Connectivity Neural Networks With Non-Linear Time Alignment Methods, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, August 1996 (

Creaney, M. J., The Use Of Rule Induction In The Analysis Of Intrauterine Pressure Signals , Department of Bioengineering, University of Strathclyde, August 1991


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